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A free tool to help you create and order your own photo albums and agendas
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ExtraFilm Designer is a free tool that will help you create and order your own photo albums and agendas. It includes a basic photo editor that allows you to enhance your images and add visual effects to them easily and quickly. Then, once you are happy with the results, you can start designing your agenda or album using the original ExtraFilm layouts.

This free application is what it is – a convenient tool to help you buy self-designed photo albums through the Internet with the minimum of fuss. And there is nothing wrong with this, unless you expect something else. The editing functionality included, effective as it is, does not cover half of what you could expect from a standalone photo editor, but, again, this was not designed to be a full-featured photo editor. Those basic functions include rotation, autofix (auto correction of simple lighting and exposure mistakes), cropping, black and white and sepia tones, and contrast enhancement. In fact, this is more than what most people usually need to improve their birthday snapshots.

The photo album and agenda designer is, not surprisingly, the main functionality of this tool. Here you will find an extensive catalog of covers, paper thicknesses, page illustrations, etc., to choose from when ordering your album. The images you select can be placed either automatically or manually: just drag and drop the desired photo wherever you like best on the page. Once you are happy with the layout, the program will connect with the ExtraFilm web site and will launch the standard ordering process. The range of products you can order using your own photo designs covers much more than just albums and agendas – posters, mugs, calendars, standard prints, etc., can be bought directly from this free tool.

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  • An all-in-one tool devised to help you design and order your own albums, agendas, prints, posters, etc
  • The choice of layouts and designs available is massive
  • The basic editing functionality avialable requires no specific skills


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